“Within this mass, liveable spaces boast ever changing, framed views to the north and the Ordino valleys. The south side opens up to the sweet-mottled light of the underwood. Distinct landscapes are brought into harmony. Rocky outcrops. A lake in which to swim. Waterfalls and streams. Ledges within trees and a lush green amphitheatre. Here, might and calm reign”

Jean Nouvel

La Querola connects perfectly with its surroundings. The design seeks to bring out the best of its unique position within the Valle de Ordino, blending nature with the man-made and allowing the landscape to filter into each home.

Ordino is a very special place in Andorra. An expanse of wild natural beauty which was designated a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2020. La Querola emerges as a contemporary feature in a distinctive area.

"Architecture is a visual art”
Jean Nouvel
Jean Nouvel, a guiding light in global architecture, leads the project in collaboration with Josep Ribas and Jordi Sala. It involves a fundamental idea which is expressed differently throughout each of the 51 homes. Thereby achieving a more intuitive use of the surroundings and the creation of individualised and original quality spaces.

With art as the essence, La Querola has succeeded in developing practicality and functionality. The work of Nouvel melds the privacy and comfort of a select home with the advantages of community life.
A responsible way of living
La Querola respects the rights of the mountain. It is a structure which forms part of its natural setting. The founding elements of its construction embrace energy efficiency and geothermal energy.
A place for all seasons
The architecture is in perfect harmony with its surroundings. It reigns over a simple place where everything passes as it should, the day, the night, the change of seasons.
An exclusive place in the mountains
A refuge goes beyond a home. The tranquil protection, the freedom of one’s own out-of-the-way retreat.

Another style of living
A triumph over flatness where another way of living is contemplated. An affirmation of difference, a change in spirit. A more genuine life which connects us to what really matters.


La Querola encompasses 51 houses with differing structures and layouts. 

Each house offers 300 sqm minimum of space. Various options are available on request:

  1. Simplex of 2 suites Between 250 and 300 sqm
  2. Double Simplex of 2 suites Between 300 and 500 sqm
  3. Double Simplex of 3 suites Between 360 and 600 sqm
  4. Duplex of 3 suites Between 400 and 550 sqm
  5. Special Duplex/ Triplex of 3/5 suites Between 600/2000 sqm

All the houses enjoy:

  • Private parking adjoined to the home
  • Family Room
  • Terrace or garden with barbecue
  • Access to all the communal services, such as the spa


One of the most interesting features is the family room, located in the hall of the dwelling. This wide-open space can be converted into whatever the heart desires. It is fully equipped with a fireplace and office area as well as adjoining spaces, such as a standalone laundry room, wardrobe and a fully fitted bathroom. This enables the creation of an original space – anything from a study or library, even a games room or home cinema. Thus, giving each home a truly personal feel.

Flawlessly combining the need for privacy with proximity, the outstanding design of Jean Nouvel attunes to the dimensions and volume of La Querola.

In addition to the features of each home the communal services are exceptional, such as for example:

  • Water zone
  • Hamman, Yoga room & massage
  • Fitness Suite
  • Indoor & outdoor Jacuzzi
  • Entrance lobby
  • Reception
  • Large recreational area with fireplace
  • Spacious outdoor areas with swimming pool
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      “The project, as a whole, is spectacular. It really is unlike anything we have seen before”
      “It really surprised us, and we loved that it is so different. It is unparalleled in this country”
      “Many thanks for your messages and great service. We loved the project which is one of a kind in Andorra at the moment”
      “We were really impressed by the visit and the passion for this project”
      “We are very thankful to have been able to visit the work of Jean Nouvel and for the time you spent putting into words the thinking behind this exceptional project”
      A sculptural reality. La Querola de Ordino is a unique project... an extension of nature, of the land... a singular work of design in the Pyrenees.
      La Vanguardia
      A habitable sculpture… A totally artisanal piece of work freed from straight lines resulting in a “habitable sculpture” which, in the words of José Ribas, evokes the granite rocks of the Andorran mountains…
      Now we’re talking… Levels created from native materials which give the impression of being an extension of the Ordino mountain itself. 28% of the 51 homes projected are already reserved”
      Ara Andorra
      La Querola de Ordino, reimagines the concept of living, landscaping and sustainability… A residential project which has garnered attention from the media and architectural luminaries alike, thanks to its audacious design, conceived by the French architect and designer Jean Nouvel, the Catalan Josep Ribas and the Andorran Jordi Sala.
      Dona Secret
    When will the housing be ready?
    The handover of keys will be when the works are complete which, during this year 2023.
    What are the service charges?
    We firmly believe that today, the luxury of a home is not based exclusively on its location or the cost of the materials. Sustainability and energy efficiency should also form an essential part of any project. In Andorra, the highest costs are usually heating, hot water and the maintenance of exterior woodwork. Given that each house in La Querola has its own geothermal system, we have been able to reduce energy consumption by 70%. This has resulted in the Samsung International award for the best engineering project for luxury housing.
    As regards the wood, a treated pine wood has been used which matures very well over the years and is maintenance free. Furthermore, looking after the garden is much simplified by using native vegetation.
    What are the prices?
    The average price is 7,500 euros per square meter, making this project one of the best investments in Andorra.
    I live outside Andorra and would like more information before booking a visit.
    We propose the following - we will organise a video call at your convenience, and we will endeavour to answer all your questions.