La Querola d'Ordino





All the design and the architecture are in charge of Ateliers Jean Nouvel, under a new concept of luxury : simplexity.

• Interior design by Jean Nouvel
• Innovative urban typologies
• Author houses



The project is fully integrated into nature, using renewed traditional materials. It is intended to exist in a certain place.

• Architectural volumes without visual impact
• Making use of preexisting materials (stones, water, ...)
• Integration of climatology and natural elements (snow, ice, water)
• Aware of respect for the pre-existing landscape environment


The design of the project is designed to provide maximum welfare and promote the coexistence of its residents.

• Wide areas that span their own natural environment (light, mountain, rock, trees and flowers)
• Analysis and maximum use of natural light (sunny)
• Framing of views and landscapes
• Shelters of an intimate and protected life
• Favoring new forms of social relations
• Family room
• Private parking lot within the house for a minimum of two cars, snowmobiles ...


La Querola offers a new way of living in a community, providing unique spaces in the common areas.

• Reception, concierge service, reception of external visits, 24h security
• SPA (water area, fitness, water beds, ...)
• Multiple utility room with fireplace, seating area, play area
• Low maintenance costs (low consumption, geothermal energy, autochthonous vegetation, ...)

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